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Hi there and welcome to my LiveJournal!! It's been over a month since I decided to join LiveJournal so I can be part of the awesome community which is pkmncollectors. I haven't had much activity over there except a few trades and some replies here and there. But now that I'll be getting my own PayPal account I suppose that's when things are gonna get interesting.

Anyway a little bit something bout myself. I live in the Philippines (where there's not much Pokemon stuff). I'm still a college student but only have one more year to go (I hope!). I've been a fan of Pokemon ever since I first laid my eyes on it which was roughly 12 years ago. My favorite Pokemon is (isn't it obvious yet?) Squirtle! Though I don't think I'll be focusing on Squirtle stuff. My main collection however is anything that is a Pokemon Kaiyodo figure! This includes (but not limited to) trading figures, bottlecaps, chess figures and pre-order figures. At the moment I've collected quite a number of trading figures and pieces of some of the other stuff.

I've decided that from this day onward I shall be customizing my LiveJournal as a database for my collection. It is where I'll be posting updates, wants post and hopefully a sales post. I've started uploading stuff in my gallery with pictures I've taken personally. And I really like doing it. :D

That's all for now I suppose. Though I don't believe anyone would be reading this. I just want to make this somewhat formal.
Tags: introduction, kaiyodo, pokemon, tfg
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